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Children's Classes


Core Classes

 dancers must register for all 36 weeks of dance and perform in the recital. 


 $30 per student/$50 per family    non-refundable annual registration fee


60 minute class weekly - $60 per month

75 minute class weekly - $75 per month

Additional 60 minute class per week - $48

additional 75 minute classes per week - $60 per month


Tuition is based on a minimum of 36 weeks over a nine month period. Tuition is the same amount each month whether there are 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks of class in the month.



Need Dance Shoes? We offer...


Balera Full sole Leather Ballet Slipper


child& Adult sizes $20


Balera Stretch Canvas Ballet Slipper, adult size $26


Balera Lyrical and Jazz Leather Half Sole $28


Balera Child Tap Shoes with Ribbon Tie $30


Balera Lace Up Tap Shoes

child size $32

Adult size $34


Balera Neoprene Insert tap shoes

Child size $32

Adult size $34


1st-4th grade Hip Hop High Tops $35


7th-9th grade Hip Hop high Tops $43


All prices include tax!

*MPAC is no longer buying back previously used shoes or doing trades. New shoes can be purchased at MPAC we have a sizing kit at the studio! If you are looking to get rid of previously worn dance shoes we suggest selling them to Once Upon A Child.